Rammstein tour 2016Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte band, formed in 1994 in Berlin. Throughout its existence, Rammstein’s six-man lineup has been unchanged—singer Till Lindemann, guitarists Richard Z. Kruspe and Paul H. Landers, bassist Oliver “Ollie” Riedel, drummer Christoph “Doom” Schneider and keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz.

At the beginning of August 2015, Rammstein released a trailer for an unknown project, simply titled ‘Rammstein in Amerika’. There was speculation that this will be a live release of sorts as a live album was talked about at the beginning of 2015. A new press release from the band as of 16 August, confirmed this speculation to be true. In Amerika will in fact not only be the band’s Madison Square Garden performance from 2010, but will also include a feature-length documentary about the band. Rammstein also announced that they will be touring again in 2016.

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