Paul Panzer 2016 ticketsTappert grew up in Nörvenich, lives since the mid-1990s, in Cologne, and there, after he had made an apprenticeship as a welder, music and media education studies.

To a larger audience Tappert was known by its far more than 800 recorded prank phone calls as Paul Panzer, which will be sent to various radio stations such as radio ffn, RPR1, Hit-Radio FFH, Radio Hamburg, Radio Köln, 89.0 RTL, 104.6 RTL, Antenne 1, 100’5 das Hitradio, or Dresden 103.5. His trademark is to Express a striking, but inconsistent speech errors (the “s” and “z” lateral), speech disorders (words in the wrong disconnect and incorrect stress), the unique ID’s of foreign-language terms, a remarkable naivety and floral shirts. Its chief characteristic is the greeting formula “tanks, I welcome you”, followed by “to” and “How do we remain now?”, as well as the long-outspoken confirmation “Rrrichtiiig”.

Since January 2011, Dieter Tappert can be seen together with Kaya Yanar, RTL broadcast Stars at work, in the prominent unusual professional activities. Since the beginning of 2013, he stands alone on stage with Stars at work. Here you can see him in his profession, he has made a day, the occupations of the two Celebrities that come every week, and you can see him, as he surveyed the children to wish for their Profession.

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