Paul Kalkbrenner 2016Paul Kalkbrenner is a German live act, producer of electronic music, and actor from Berlin. Because he breaks down his tracks into elements that are reassembled onstage, Kalkbrenner is considered a live act, as opposed to a DJ. He is most known for his single “Sky and Sand,” which sold over 200,000 copies, went platinum, and was highly charted in countries such as Belgium and Germany. He is also known for portraying the main character Ickarus in the movie, “Berlin Calling”, which ran for several years at Kino Central in Berlin.

Kalkbrenner uses software synthesizers, sequencer (Ableton Live) in combination with MIDI controllers, hardware synthesizers and drum machines for his live shows. It is a set up he feels comfortable with, and does not foresee changing.In the early days, for production, Kalkbrenner used a Roland sampler, Amiga 500, Amiga 4000 Turbo, DAT, Roland S-750, and EFX to name a few. Since 2001, however, he sold all his equipment and only uses Ableton Live for music production.

In 2015, he announced the release of the “Florian Trilogy” of three related works as a warmup for his planned album titled “7”, to be released on August 7, 2015. The music video first episode “Cloud Rider” was released on May 18, 2015.

The lyrics and vocals are performed by D Train with You’re the One for Me. Episode 2, called “Mothertrucker”, was released on Jun 12, 2015.The third and final episode of the trilogy, “Feed your Head”, was released on July 17, 2015.The lyrics for this song are from Jefferson Airplane with White Rabbit.Paul explains in this article how the Florian episodes came to be. The episodes are set in America where techno was born. But it has been excluded for quite some time. The episodes explain how Florian eventually gets techno back to America, where it all started.

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