Naughty By Nature 2016Naughty by Nature is a Grammy Award-winning American hip hop trio from East Orange, New Jersey consisting of Treach (Anthony Criss, born December 2, 1970), Vin Rock (Vincent Brown, born September 17, 1970), and DJ Kay Gee (born Keir Gist, September 15, 1969).

The group formed in East Orange, New Jersey, (colloquially referred to as Illtown in the 1980s) in 1988. The group first appeared on the music scene in 1989, releasing an album called Independent Leaders under its then-name the New Style. The album generated the minor hit “Scuffin’ Those Knees”.

After the release of its first album, the group was mentored by fellow New Jersey native Queen Latifah, and subsequently changed its name.

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