Michael Mittermeier 2016Mittermeier was born in Dorfen, Upper Bavaria. During his childhood he lived in Bavaria. After school he studied theatre. In 1996, he started the comedy program Zapped.

Zapped (1996) was shown on his tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He participated in comedy television shows as well as the German TV show Wetten, dass..?. The most well-known parts of Zapped are parodies of German advertisements as well as the US television series MacGyver, which later became a running gag. Mittermeier popularized the term “Arschgeweih” (literally: ass antler) (tramp stamp).

His next comedy programs were Wahnsinnlich (1990), Zapped! (1999), Back to Life (2002), Paranoid (2004), Safari (2007) and Achtung, Baby! (2010).

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