Matty B 2016Matthew Barrett grew up in Western Australia and was a member of Perth’s Syllaboliks hip hop crew. A former pro surfer, Barrett only began rapping seriously when Syllaboliks came together in 1999. Formerly signed to Obese Records, he later released music on his own label, B-Style Entertainment.

Barrett’s first track to be released was “Courageous”, appearing on the Culture of Kings compilation in 2000. This was followed in 2002 by his debut album, The Courageous LP. A song from that album, “Fridays”, appears on Triple J’s 2005 album Super Request—Dog’s Breakfast, a compilation of frequently requested songs from Triple J’s Super Request program.

In 2001 he performed at the Margaret River Masters Concert. In 2002 he performed at the Big Day Out concerts.
Barrett relocated to the Gold Coast and released an EP, Simple but Effective, in 2006 on his own label, B-Style Entertainment. He performed at the Rosemount Hotel in Perth at an All Stars gig following the Robert Hunter Cup in 2014.

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