Matt And Kim 2016Matt and Kim are an American indie pop duo. They are from Brooklyn, New York. The group formed in 2004 and is composed of Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums/backing vocals/vocals). They are known for their DIY attitude toward music.

On November 2, 2010, the duo released their third album, Sidewalks. Co-produced by Ben Allen, Oliver Strauss and Matt, the album as a whole adopted a more refined, yet dense hip-hop influence in comparison to the previous two, while still maintaining the upbeat and party-esque style they are known for.

Matt and Kim headlined two U.S. tours in support, in Fall 2010 and again during May/June 2011. They also played numerous festivals including Australia’s Big Day Out, Japan’s Fuji and V in the UK. In addition, they played at many American colleges, worked extensively through Europe and South America and, in Fall 2011, they supported Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance on select dates.

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