Loverboy 2016Loverboy is a Canadian rock group formed in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. Loverboy’s hit singles, particularly “Turn Me Loose” and “Working for the Weekend”, have become arena rock staples and are still heard on many classic rock and classic hits radio stations across the United States and Canada. The band is currently based in Vancouver.

Throughout the 1980s, Loverboy accumulated numerous hit songs in Canada and the United States, earning four multi-platinum albums and selling millions of records. After being rejected by many American record labels, they signed with Columbia/CBS Records Canada and began recording their first album on March 20, 1980.

Loverboy’s founding members were Mike Reno (previously with Moxy as Mike Rynoski) on lead vocals, Paul Dean (previously with Streetheart and Scrubbaloe Caine) on guitars and vocals, Jim Clench (formerly of April Wine and BTO) on bass guitar (replaced shortly after by Scott Smith), Doug Johnson (b. Dec. 19, 1957 in New Westminster, B.C.) on keyboards, and Matt Frenette (b. Mar. 7, 1954 in Calgary, also formerly of Streetheart) on drums, who replaced Bernie Aubin, who rehearsed and wrote with the band in the beginning but left to join the Headpins before the name “Loverboy” was chosen as the group’s final moniker.

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