Louis the Child 2016Louis the Child (893 – 20/24 September 911), sometimes called Louis III or Louis IV, was the king of East Francia from 899 until his death. He was the last East Frankish ruler of the Carolingian dynasty.

Louis himself tried to take some military control as he grew older, but he had little success against the Magyars. His army was destroyed at Ennsburg in 907. In a state of despair, Louis died, at Frankfurt am Main, on 20 or 24 September 911, only seventeen or eighteen years of age. Louis was buried in the monastery of Saint Emmeram in Regensburg, where his father Arnulf of Carinthia lay.

His death brought an end to the eastern (German) branch of the Carolingian dynasty. The vacuum left in the Carolingian East was eventually filled by the family of Henry the Fowler, a cousin, and heralded the beginning of the Ottonian dynasty. Firstly, however, the dukes of East Francia assembled to elect Conrad of Franconia king, as opposed to the reigning king of West Francia, Charles the Simple. The magnates of Lotharingia elected Charles.

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