Lolawolf 2016Lolawolf is an American R&B/electropop trio, formed by actress and singer Zoë Kravitz, keyboardist James Levy, and drummer/producer Jimmy Giannopoulos, based in Brooklyn, New York City. The band released the EP, Lolawolf, in February 2014, followed by the full-length album, Calm Down, in October 2014.

Lolawolf is composed of frontwoman Kravitz, keyboardist James Levy, and drummer/producer Jimmy Giannopoulos (also from Pretty Good Dance Moves).

Kravitz became friends with Levy and Giannopoulos, members of the band Reputante, while living in Brooklyn.They began collaborating on music and released the track “Wanna Have Fun” in May 2013.Kravitz asked them to join her in Los Angeles while playing an anorexic in the independent film The Road Within, to help take her mind off the difficult role.

The band began recording tracks at movie producer Bruce Cohen’s home studio in Hollywood at night. Cohen is Kravitz’s godfather. Actor and drummer Raviv Ullman was also a member from 2013–14.

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