Leftover Salmon 2016Leftover Salmon is a jam band from Boulder, Colorado, formed in 1989. Their unique blend of bluegrass, rock, country, and Cajun/Zydeco, which the band calls “Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass”, has found favor with the jam band scene. The band took a hiatus in 2005, and spent parts of 2007 in a reunion.

The band formed by accident in 1989, when a local band, the Salmon Heads (Vince Herman), asked some members of the Left Hand String Band (Drew Emmitt, Glenn Keefe, Mark Vann) to fill some missing spots in its lineup.

The synergy worked and the result was Leftover Salmon. The lineup would change significantly over the years, but the “Big Three” – Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman and Mark Vann—remained the heart of the band until Vann’s death in 2002.

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