La Ley 2016La Ley (Spanish for “The Law”) are a Chilean rock band formed by Andrés Bobe, Rodrigo Aboitiz, Luciano Rojas and Mauricio Claveria with Beto Cuevas.

After a failed first album, Desiertos (1990), they released Doble Opuesto (1991), which appears as the official first album of the band. Singles like “Desiertos,” “Tejedores de Ilusión,” and “Prisioneros de la Piel” made them stars in Chile, Argentina and Mexico, especially after the release of La Ley, their second recording (1993).

After Bobe’s death in 1994, La Ley continued with a new guitarist, Pedro Frugone, and released two more albums; in 1995, the band released Invisible, the album was their international breakout record and provided to the band their best-selling studio album to date, it included the number ones “Dia Cero” (in which, the rhythm and the video was inspired by the Duran Duran’s smash hit “Come Undone”) and “El Duelo”.

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