Gareth Emery 2016Gareth Emery (born 18 July 1980)[citation needed] is an English electronic dance music producer and DJ. Since 2006, he has been ranked in DJ Magazine`s annual Top 100 poll, peaking at #7 in 2010. He has released three albums and has featured as a producer for a number of artist.

Gareth Emery was born in Southampton, England although he also has Welsh heritage, and he is an avid supporter of the Welsh rugby team. He lived in Southampton until the age of 26 before relocating to Manchester, England where he had a studio and ran a night club and record label, both called Garuda. He has a degree in Politics from University of Warwick, supports Southampton Football Club, and is trained in classical piano.

Prior to becoming involved in electronic music he played guitar in a punk band in the mid-nineties. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kat. Emery’s sister Roxanne Emery is also involved in the music industry.

Emery’s production style that has been described as a fusion of trance, house and progressive.

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