Father 2016Father is an alternative metal band from Rijeka, Croatia. The band was assembled in March 2000 by three members of the band Easyman. They released their debut album Inspirita on Dallas Records in October 2005 to critical and commercial acclaim.The band subsequently released the songs Cynosure and Machina as singles, both featured on the album.

ring their career thus far, Father performed alongside the likes of Apocalyptica in 2003 and 2011, Anthrax in 2005, Sisters of Mercy in 2006, Korn in 2007, Skunk Anansie in 2010, Mastodon and Slayer in 2012.

The band later signed to Revol Records in 2006 in order to release Inspirita in the UK.

Following their frequent local and nationwide performances, the band made their first appearance outside the borders of ex Yugoslavia on October 2006, performing 13 shows across the UK, followed up by 4 more tours across the UK, the Netherlands and Austria during 2007 and 2008. During 2008 drummer Saša Vukosav left the band and was replaced by Marko Jurić, the member of the bands Belfast Food and Beatles Revival Band. In 2012 band plays on Bloodstock Open Air (B-O-A), the UK’s biggest independent matal festival.

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