Electric Forest Festival tickets 2016Electric Forest Festival is a four-day multi-genre event, with a focus on electronic and jam band genres, held in Rothbury, Michigan, at the Double JJ Resort. The original event was called Rothbury Festival, debuted in 2008, and focused on jam bands and rock bands. The event was not held in 2010. Electric Forest, which debuted in 2011, is co-produced by Insomniac Events and Madison House. The 2015 event drew an estimated 45,000 attendees.

Electric Forest Festival will be held on June 23–26, 2016. The announcement was made by fans and loyal members of the community. Those selected received a card in the mail with several artist names and instructed them to post on Social Media. The reddit community played a crucial role and was one of the main sources of information during the release.

Electric Forest Festival Tickets 2016 & Dates