Eden 2016Jonathon Lei Ming (born December 23, 1995) is an Irish electronic music producer and singer-songwriter originating from Hong Kong and based in Dublin. He currently releases music under the alias EDEN, and formerly operated as The Eden Project. Ming’s work as The Eden Project featured more conventional styles of electronic dance music such dubstep and drum and bass, until he began venturing into a more indie pop-oriented style and changed his alias to EDEN in April 2015.

Ming released over 40 tracks as The Eden Project including 5 EP’s, as well as several remixes. As EDEN, he launched his own record label, known as MCMXCV, and released his debut EP End Credits, whose tracks have amassed a total of more than 4.5 million plays on SoundCloud. He is also known for a number of collaborations with other artists and has been featured on various labels as a result.

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