Crystal Fighters 2016Crystal Fighters are an English electronic/folk band, formed in London, United Kingdom in 2007. Their debut album, Star of Love, was released in October 2010 in the UK and was released in the US through Atlantic Records in April 2012. Their second album entitled Cave Rave was released 27 May 2013.

Crystal Fighters consists of Sebastian Pringle (lead vocals, guitar), Gilbert Vierich (electronics, guitars, txalaparta, percussion), Graham Dickson (guitar/txalaparta), Laure Stockley (vocals) and Mimi Borelli (vocals).

Pringle, Vierich, and Dickson began making music under various guises before being joined by Laure Stockley and Mimi Borrelli. The band added Andrea Marongiu as their drummer in September 2010 at the Isle of Wight’s Festival.

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