Chelsea Wolfe 2016Chelsea Joy Wolfe (born November 14, 1983) is an American singer-songwriter, based in Los Angeles. Her mix of styles, including gothic, folk, electronic, metal and neofolk, has been described as “drone-metal-art-folk”, and is characterized by experimental guitar playing, hazy vocals and surreal soundscapes.

Chelsea Wolfe was born in Roseville, California, and grew up in Sacramento. Her father was in a country band and had a home studio, where by the age of 9, she had written and recorded songs which she later described as “basically Casio-based gothy R&B songs.”

Wolfe is known for playing a Taylor Guitars 716ce and a Fender Jaguar. She has said that she composed her first two albums on her mother’s classical guitar, which was missing a tuning peg; as a result, the strings had to be tuned down, which was a stylistic element carried on to the studio recordings.

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