Blue Rodeo 2016Blue Rodeo is a Canadian country rock band formed in 1984 in Toronto, Ontario. They have been signed with Warner Music Group since their debut album, Outskirts, in March 1987. Including Outskirts, they have 14 full-length studio albums, four live recordings, one greatest hits album, and two video/DVDs, along with multiple solo albums, side projects, and collaborations.

The band consists of original members Jim Cuddy (guitar/vocals), Greg Keelor (guitar/vocals), and Bazil Donovan (bass), plus newer additions of Glenn Milchem (drums), multi-instrumentalist Bob Egan (formerly of Wilco), keyboardist Michael Boguski, and guitarist Colin Cripps. Drummers Cleave Anderson and Mark French, keyboardists Bob Wiseman, James Gray and Bob Packwood, and multi-instrumentalist Kim Deschamps are former band members.

Cuddy and Keelor met in high school and became great friends. After university, when all their other friends were starting to get jobs, they decided to form a band and started to play music more often. They put together a few different bands without much luck. They released a single as Hi-Fi’s in 1980. Cuddy and Keelor moved to New York City for some adventure and to help their music careers. There they met Bob Wiseman. When they came back to Toronto in the summer of 1984, they thought about putting another band together. They had already thought of the name for the band before they met Cleave and asked him to join the band. Cleave brought along his friend Bazil Donovan, and with this the band Blue Rodeo was born. In 1985 Blue Rodeo played their first show together at The Rivoli in Toronto.

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